According to Nancy Braun, it is the goal of Esch 2022 to grow together and help shape the future of the region.

The project Esch 2022 has officially launched its communication campaign, which shows how the region will present itself in 2022.

The project is aimed at different groups of people and residents from Esch/Alzette, culture enthusiasts from Luxembourg and surroundings, as well as economic representatives and businesses.

The goal is to improve and redefine the city's reputation, as well as encourage municipalities to help with the long-term development of the region. In addition, it will attempt to make culture accessible for everyone.

Esch 2022 will put particular emphasis on integration. No less than 122 nationalities are represented in Esch, and the project wants to show how harmoniously they can live together.


A budget of €57 million has been approved, out of which €36 million are designated for the cultural program and €21 million to cover the cost of communication, marketing, staff and general expenses.


In addition to Esch/Alzette, numerous other pro-south municipalities will take part, notably Kayl, Schifflange, Dudelange, Bettembourg, Mondercange, Niedercorn, Sanem, Pétange, Rumelange, as well as French communes Aumetz, Audin-le-tiche, Boulange, Ottange, Thil, Rédange, Russange and Villerupt.

Each municipality will be allocated a time frame of one month to present its cultural richness. As Esch is the main focus of the project, it will be allocated an entire year.

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The individual projects will be developed by private individuals, associations, professional groups, municipalities and schools in the fields of visual arts, music, dance, architecture, design, literature and larger themes such as home and heritage.

606 project proposals in French, German and Luxembourgish were submitted by 31. December.

A focal point of the Capital of Culture 2022 will be the Belval district and 'Minett Trail', a hiking trail connecting 11 municipalities in the south.

Video report in Luxembourgish.

Virgeschmaach op Esch 2022
Zil vun "Esch 2022" ass et, zesummenzewuessen an d'Zukunft vu senger Regioun matzegestalten, sou d'Nancy Braun, Directrice vum Projet.