"Mam Vëlo op d'Schaff" - "Off to work by bike" is a campaign that has involved thousands of people.

However, it's less of an awareness campaign and more of a reminder of the Dudelange iron and steel works that forms a large part of artist Armand Strainchamps' childhood memories.

The sculpture sees 12 cyclists in front of Dudelange commune, the birthplace of the artist who now resides in the Minett. As his work demonstrates, he still maintains strong links to his original hometown.

It took Strainchamps one year to complete this particular piece, a challenging enterprise especially when it came to cutting the fine filigree forms out of steel. In order to give the illusion of movement, Strainchamps worked with shadows, reflections and mirroring in order to create three-dimensional sculptures that transform their shape depending on how the sun shines on them.

Colourful silhouettes are set up amongst the individual "cyclists". Even the different tones and hues used here tie into his past, since relate mostly to those he saw as a child.

Finally, the artist was clear that the fountain was the ideal sport for his work.

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