On June 29, Art2Cure ASBL, in collaboration with Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL), will open its door for the fifth consecutive year to showcase some of the most talented artists in the Grand Duchy.

This year, the annual fundraiser will support the University of Luxembourg’s Parkinson’s disease research at LCSB as well as the non-profit organization Trauerwee. Each artist will donate half of their proceeds to these two causes. The exhibit will last until September 13 2019.

This fifth edition of Art2Cure features 22 artists, most of them Luxembourgish or residing in Luxembourg, who each are showing several of their paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings and installations. The show includes some very well-known names from the Luxembourg art scene such as iconic artist Robert Brandy, known for his unmistakable abstract oil paintings and who recently had yet another successful solo exhibition at Gallery Ceysson Bénétière, and Moritz Ney, who represented Luxembourg in the Venice Biennale in 1988 and who has been one of the most prolific Luxembourgish artist over the last four decades.

The exhibit also introduces some younger, up-and-coming talents including Jim Peiffer, who made a big splash at last year’s Luxembourg ArtWeek with his large-scale paintings of fantastic creatures. The exhibition also introduces the works of Julie Wagener whose paintings are of a masterly quality that is beyond her years and that will certainly raise a lot of attention among art collectors.

“This year, we will support two projects with the money raised”, explains Art2Cure President Gilles Weidig, “some of the funds will go towards biomedical research at the University’s brain research center LCSB while the other half will be donated to the Luxembourgish organization Trauerwee”. Parkinson’s disease research has been one of the main causes supported by Art2Cure since its inception.

This year, the beneficiary will be the young researcher Dr. Anne Grünewald who opened her laboratory at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine in Belval three years ago. Trauerwee is a non-profit organization founded by Simone Thill-Claus and Christiane Rassel-Clees that supports children and youth who, at a young age, lost a parent or person close to them. “We are very thankful to Art2Cure for their support, as this donation allows us to afford a project where our youth has the opportunity to create of music-video in partnership with composer David Ianni”, explains Simone Thill.

BIL has joined forces with Art2Cure since its second instalment, and together they have created an art event that has quickly become a household name in Luxembourg. “We really are a great team and I believe that we both benefit from our partnership”, explains Philippe Lamesch, Vice-President of Art2Cure, and continues “BIL really appreciates local artists and this is their only annual group show that features wide variety of Luxembourgish artists. But we cannot thank BIL enough for providing us this amazing gallery space and for all their support that they have been giving us as the sole sponsor of this event”.

Participating artists: Monique Becker; Robert Brandy; Eilo Elvinger; Fletcher JKB; Thomas Iser; Diane Jodes; Francoise Ley; Boris Loder; Nuno Lorena; Chantal Maquet; Franck Miltgen; Bertrand Ney; Moritz Ney; Jim Peiffer; Marc Pierrard; Sali Muller; Sergio Sardelli; Arny Schmit; Stéphanie Uhres; Jeanine Unsen; Ellen Van der Woude; Julie Wagener.