“Learning to be in the new environment: A holistic approach for youngsters in Luxembourg”

Project LEILU, “Learning to be in the new environment – a holistic approach for youngsters in Luxembourg”, was launched in 2016 in the midst of the so-called “refugee crisis”, with the financial support of the Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte within its initiative mateneen (meaning ‘together’ in Luxembourgish).

Targeting young people (ages 15-30) in Luxembourg, and focusing on--but not limited to--asylum seekers and refugees, the project aims to help them use their spare time in a more meaningful way. Furthermore, its objective is to enable them to gain the possibility to transform the time for transition (e.g., school failure, searching for a job, and arriving in a new environment, in the case of asylum seekers) that often produces frustration and doubt, into an opportunity to (re)discover themselves, others and the environment surrounding them.

© Pitt Wagner

The coordinators of the LEILU project made the choice of an on-site documentation, rather than documenting the activities by taking photos. Pit Wagner was recommended to the body for this specific set up and the exhibition is a selection of his work within the project.

Invited to speak about this work, Pit Wagner says :

Listen to what is being said, identify or choose the focus of the action. Many things happen at the same time. Drawing is a slow action, even if you are very fast. So you make choices. The most important could be the unimportant things. I try not to think and let my drawing flow, not even instinctively, just let it be done by me. Sometimes the difficulty is to make it easy. Breathe and be there, here and now.

Wordless storytelling with black lines and spots on white paper. My drawing floats like a raft on the stream of the surrounding activity until the time stops. Then the drawing is finished.”

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