Picking up on a US tradition, the first Mini Maker exhibit takes place in Rosport.

There is a growing enthusiasm for creative arts and crafts in Luxembourg. A recent term for this type of person is a “Maker” and refers to those who are fascinated by technique, technology, and above all want to learn and discover more. They are interested in finding solutions in creative ways, whether it is on their own, or in a group.

In order to cultivate this creative impulse, the organisation “Make It” was brought to life. “Make It” exists in order to bring together and support “Makers” from across the nation (and the greater region) through a variety of projects. One of these projects is the Mini Maker Fair, which takes place on the 19 May alongside the 10 year anniversary of the Tudor museum.

There will be workshops were people of all ages can express their creativity, alongside exhibitions, demonstrations and competitions. A number of clubs and artists will display their own set of works from a range of artistic backgrounds, such as Steam-Punk and Cosplay, and will also be available for questions.

Another part of the fair will be devoted to airplanes. Next to homemade constructions there will also be a drone area where trained pilots can show off their diverse talents and beginners can give flying a go.

One highlight is the robot tournament, which will see 6 groups compete against each other throughout the day.

There is a reason this Maker Fair is taking place in Rosport: over 100 years ago, Henri Tudor paved the way for future creative spirits when he developed the Tudor batteries.

For more information, visit their website.