This weekend, Casino 2000 was all about body art. 80 tattoo artists from all over Europe were putting their skills to the test.

Luxemborg's first Graphic Tattoo Convention showcases tattoo artists who specialise in the graphic avant-garde domain.

At the convention, customers could seize the opportunity to get a spontaneous design, to discover new styles or to simply be inspired. This type of convention is becoming increasingly popular. Luxembourg's tattoo scene has been developing rapidly and has caught up on the delay compared to other countries, explains the organiser of the event, Scylla Pierce. Increasing numbers of people would consider getting inked.

Munneref: Éischt Graphic Tattoo Convention
De Weekend huet sech am Casino 2000 alles ëm d'Kierperkonscht gedréit. 80 Tattoo-Kënschtler aus Europa hu gewisen, wat si drop haten.

For the tattoo artists, conventions a great platform to gain exposure and make a name for themselves. Even though only 4 out of the 80 tattoo artists at the convention are from Luxembourg, the Grand-Duchy's tattoo scene is doing very well, says Marion Thill. There are many good artists, but the problem here is the same as elsewhere: there are too many studios and not enough clients.

The next opportunity to get a tattoo at a convention will be in May, at Luxexpo.