More than 30 nativity scenes can be admired all over Luxembourg and are guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit.

Right on time for the festive season, Luxembourg's Catholic Church has organised a nativity trail through Luxembourg City and more rural terrain.

You can explore an impressive total of 30 nativity scenes until 6 January. Most churches are open the entire day.

Nativity scenes all over the Grand Duchy 

Buschrodt church
Buschrodt's innovative nativity scene is made entirely of rootstocks  and hedges. The choice of material is symbolic and reminds the viewer of the village's genesis: the Luxembourgish word "Busch" means bush and "roden" means uprooting. The village itself saw the life of day when a part of the forest was cut down.

Clervaux church
Beautiful nativity scene with wooden figures crafted by local artists.

Diekirch church
60-year-old oriental nativity scene with moss and sand dunes. The figures were made out of wood in 1954, by an Austrian carver of nativity figurines.

Echternach basilica
Wooden nativity scene made by Andreas Demetz. Each figurine is unique and represents a different age group.

Erpeldange church
This nativity scene boats 20 lifelike and colourful figurines. Wood carver Franz Josef Vergines is the artist behind them.

Ellange church (Mondorf)
The nativity scene was a present from a company in 1920 and inspired Echternach's nativity scene.

Eschdorf church
Teenagers from Eschdorf lovingly designed this unique nativity scene. The different figurines represent individual people from the village community. They were made by a local artist.

Hostert church (Niederanven)
Nativity scene with around 60 figurines, complete with waterfall.

Kaundorf church
Locally inspired nativity scene.

Keispelt church
Beautiful nativity scene decorated with tree-roots from the Sûre river region.

Koerich church
Interesting nativity scene with an old musical clock.

Around 65 figurines from the 19th and 20th century were restored and now make this nativity scene a feast for the eyes. For more information about the nativity trail in Luxembourg City look below.

Steinsel church
Nativity scenes with new figurines.

Troisvierges church
This nativity scene fills the entire choir room, which has been tastefully decorated with trees, stones and roots.

Wahl church
Right on time for the festive season, big and small nativity scenes are waiting to be explored.

Vianden church
Vianden's nativity scene fills the entire choir room of the church. It is has wooden figurines and a waterfall.

Notre-Dame church (Wiltz)

Some of the figurines are 60-70 years old and measure up to 30cm. The nativity scene resembles a mountain pasture.

Luxembourg City's nativity trail 

The nativity scene in Luxembourg City's cathedral. / © Christophe Hubert

Notre-Dame cathedral (8am-6pm, 9am-7pm on Sundays)
65 figurines from the 19th and 20th century.

St Michel (9am-5pm)
Contemporary nativity scene, hand-painted figurines from Italy.

Cents (10am-4pm)
Nativity scene with traditional figurines but modern decoration.

Institut Servantes du Seigneur et de la Vierge de Matara (7am-1pm and 3pm-8pm)
Traditional Italian-style nativity scene.

St Alphonse “Paterkierch” (8am-noon and 2pm-6pm)
Traditional nativity scene.

Limpertsberg (8am-6pm)
Large traditional nativity scene.

Belair (9am-7pm)
Nativity scene with traditional polychrome wood figurines from St. Ulrich (South Tyrol) standing in front of the altar.

Franciscan chapel (ring door bell at main entrance)
Large figurines in front of the altar and a landscape with shepherds and sheep are the highlights of this nativity scene.

CIPA Sacré-Cœur (9am-noon and 1.30pm-6pm)
Impressive nativity scene near the church's entrance.

Merl (9am-7pm)
Very large nativity scene with wooden figurines from Kevelaer (80s) have been placed in a large stable. In the background, a painting depicts Bethlehem. A waterfall and beautiful illumination make this a nativity scene that is not to be missed.

Cessange (11am-5pm)
Traditional wooden figurines have been placed in front of the altar.

Hamm (9am-5pm)
Traditional nativity scene.

Traditional nativity scene.