From a bittersweet Guy Rewenig play in Mersch, to an art market in the capital or a perspective-altering exhibition at Zidoun & Bossuyt gallery... Here's what you shouldn't miss this weekend.

A Guy Rewening play in Mersch's Kulturhaus

Fancy spending a cultural evening while improving your Luxembourgish skills? If you do, Guy Rewenig's play "Di bescht Manéier aus der Landschaft ze verschwannen" ("The Best Way of Disappearing from the Landscape") may be the right choice for you.

The play narrates the story of Félicie and Heng, an elderly couple from Limpertsberg. Traveling to a spa hotel in Switzerland, they hope to leave daily stress and routine quarrels behind. As you may have anticipated, things do not go as planned and the situation gradually escalates...

The play was directed by Charel Muller. Jean-Paul Maes and Christiane Rausch play the main roles.  

"Gloria" in Luxembourg City's Kasemattentheatre

Saturday night, the iconic Cojellico's Jangen will present their new CD "Gloria" in Luxembourg City's Kasematten theatre. The CD features various Luxembourgish songs about winter and Christmas.

The spotlight of the songs is on Jesus and his difficult mission to bring salvation and peace into the world.

"Marché des créeateurs" in Mudam, "StijlMarket" on Limpertsberg

Still looking for Christmas gifts? You may get lucky at one of these two markets.

This year's art market "Marché des créateurs" was organised in the context of "Design City.“ If exclusive artworks float your boat, this is the place to be. The market features original artworks and limited editions.

Alternatively, you can also visit the second edition of the "StijlMarket" in Limpertsberg's Victor Hugo hall. More than 100 individual designers and labels will exhibit their creations.

Both markets are open to the public on Saturday and Sunday.

"Un autre monde est possible" at Zidoun & Bossuyt gallery

Last but least, the Zidoun & Bossuyt gallery is hosting its "Un autre Monde est possible“ ("A Different World is Possible") exhibition, which showcases Luxembourgish artists such as Simone Decker, Filip Markiewicz and Martine Feipel.

Plunging the visitor into a different world is the main theme of the gallery's exhibition.

"Un autre monde est possible" exhibition
Galerie Zidoun-Bossuyt

You can visit the exhibition until 22 December.