There will be lots of entertainment on offer until Saturday evening and visitors will have the possibility of immersing themselves in the imaginative worlds of the festival's artists.

You’re in for a treat if you’re in the capital this weekend. Since Friday afternoon, the Street art festival has been going across Luxembourg City, with numerous shows and artists on every corner.

Tom Bellion, director of the Luxembourg City Tourist Office (LCTO), explains that the entertainment ranges from piano music on Place du Théâtre, to trampoline activities next to the city hall on Knuedler and magic shows on Place d’Armes. There is lots on offer for adults and children alike.

LCTO started organising the festival around nine months ago. Visitors were able to go see musicians and acrobats on Friday afternoon. Children were particularly fascinated by John Happi’s show, but his funny mannerisms left adults equally entertained. Visitors seemed to really enjoy the diversity of the programme on offer.

It was the perfect occasion for nurseries to be out and about – but never without hats, sun cream and plenty of water. The festival will continue until Saturday night and with over 100 spectacles it will be well worth a visit.