The Bazar International runs at the LuxExpo in Kirchberg from Friday 11 November until Sunday 13 November.

I love the Bazar International de Luxembourg. I am a fan. Have been since the first moment I ever set foot at the event and basically never left. Well, I missed one year but that was because of an ankle operation and covid. Apart from that one time, since living in Luxembourg, I have been active either in a stand or now in the committee of the Bazar.

So yeah, I am biased. But, in my defence, the Bazar literally is one of the most fun events in Luxembourg. Plus, it has something for everyone. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Just read on, I’m sure you’ll recognize yourself in at least one of these categories.

[Editor's sidenote: We are the official media partners of this year's Bazar International and we are rather excited about it! As well as meeting the lovely Charlotte de Vreeze-Nauta at the Bazar, do pop down and say hi to us as well. Our combined RTL Today-RTL Today Radio-RTL 5 Minutes stand will be staffed with friendly faces and, as if that's not enough, there'll be games and prizes to win too!]


Oooh, you lucky devils. You will find the best, the most delicious and the most diverse food of the country at the Bazar International. Around 50 countries are represented at the Bazar and all of them offer food. Typical treats, main dishes, little experimental snacks.

From Dutch poffertjes and bitterballen (singlehandedly the best snack to have with a beer), to South American empenadas (very good with a cocktail).

From Australian homemade meat pies (nicely paired with a glass of wine), to Scandinavian salmon treats (delicious with a glass of champagne).

Or foie gras at the French stand and oysters at the Table Ronde. Again, great to combine with bubbles.

Fill your belly, go home, sleep and come back the next day for Lebanese shawarma, Indian curry, Korean delicacies, Swiss fondue, Italian pasta and finish the whole thing off with Portuguese, Greek and Turkish deserts.

Lovers of all sorts of drinks

Yup, you’ve already seen some drinks pop up in the foodie’s paragraph. I am with you all the way. Whether it is a tropical cocktail, a wonderful glass of champagne, a delicious and refreshing Indian Lassie, or an honest cup of tea. And let’s not forget the delicious coffees, that will be especially welcome the morning after the night before.

My mantra for this weekend: let’s go liquid.

On that note, there must be special attention for beer lovers. Because if there is one place to sample about a gazillion types of brews, this is it. The Bazar. Most stands sell them. So why not do a nice little brew-tour around the world?

Frantic Christmas shoppers

You know who you are. Upon the first sight of Christmas decorations in the shops, you’ll get nervous and by the end of November you’re dealing with panic attacks because the dreaded activity of Christmas shopping for your family and friends is creeping up on you; you loathe spending days in shops trying to find the perfect gift.

So, what do you do? You procrastinate and you end up completely stressed out fearing that you’ll arrive empty handed at your Christmas parties. Right?

Well, not anymore. Thanks to the Bazar, all your stress will be gone the moment you enter. Here’s what you do. You order a nice drink, have a little stroll around and identify where you want to buy. Then you take a break from your hard work of preparations, enjoy a delicious meal.

And only then, with a full belly and a nice little buzz in your head, will you load up on presents. Jewelry, clothes, scarves, bags, toys, crafts, cuddly toys, books, accessories. Trust me, you will find perfect gifts for everyone, in one big shop. Christmas shopping was never so much fun, so relaxed and so easy.


Yes, it is true. There is such a thing as Bazar babies: children that are the result of a Bazar romance. A Bazaromance. Are you done trying to find a life partner in your own circle? Have you had enough of online dating or inaudible dialogue in some cafe where you know you’re scraping the barrel of what is out there?

Then come to the Bazar. With over 50 nationalities to choose from, chances are you’ll bump into someone interesting who cares about other people (because that is what Bazarians do), that gives you a nice little thrill.

Conscious buyers

The stands at the Bazar have thought of you big time. Not only will all proceeds be donated to charities, (I’ll come back to that later) but the goods themselves are good buys.

The Colombian bags (on my birthday wish-list, by the way) are made by indigenous women who can make a living thanks to those bags. The Kenyan stand sells typical Kenyan accessories, clothes and jewelry that were made by local crafts people. Irish wool sweaters that were made in Ireland. Scandinavian wool beanies that were made in Norway. Swiss made knives – you know you can’t beat that quality. And the list goes on and on.

Whatever you buy, you’ll know that most products are the result of honest and fair labour.

People that want to do good

And now we get to the core of what the Bazar is. Shopping for a cause. Supporting charities. Giving back to people who need it so much more than we do. Making the world a slightly better place. That is the true spirit of the Bazar and the reason that most ‘Bazarians’ are involved.

Each year, the Bazar International donates all its profits to charities all over the world. In the ten years leading up to 2019, the Bazar donated 600.000 euros on average per year, to humanitarian projects.

The Bazar focuses on victims of poverty, violence and/or social isolation. The Bazar donates money to: orphanages; educational projects that keep children in school and give them a better future; vocational training for youths to teach them a trade enabling them to make their own living; elderly care; projects that fight human trafficking and trafficking of young girls in particular; medical centres; and charities that focus on children with terminal diseases, paying their medication and treatments when parents do not have the financial possibility to do so.

Again, the list is long and diverse. But the thing that unites the charities that are supported by the Bazar is that most of them are relatively small scale. So, all our donations make a huge impact and are life-changing.

And that’s what makes all Bazarians, including myself, tick. That’s why we are all volunteers. That’s why we work all year to get this event off the ground.

That’s why it is such good fun. Because the hard work and the many, many, many hours we put into this are paid back in the form of huge donations to wonderful humanitarian projects.

But also in the form of a great atmosphere, meeting new people, seeing old friends, having a lot of fun, and of course, in going liquid.

So, there is only one thing left to say. Stop reading and get yourself to the Bazar at LuxExpo now! It is open from 18:00 until 22:00 on Friday, from 11:00 until 19:00 on Saturday and from 11:00 until 17:00 on Sunday.