As part of our ongoing YOUR VOICE segment, Paul and Elizabeth Bryant decided to get creative and in doing so brightening the view.

"We live on Rue de Neudorf and our apartment faces the street and the other apartments across the way. Last Saturday I decided to paint our biggest windows with a mural of colorful flowers", says Paul.

Instead of sitting in the gloom and awaiting the inevitable, Paul and his wife Elizabeth stocked up on some materials and got busy changing the scenery.

"The idea is that this is a positive and hope filled image that I am hoping brightens the mood of passers by and the families that live across the way. If we need to stay home for weeks we might as well make the best of it."

Taking inspiration from viral videos across Europe Paul was keen to inject some colour across the rooftops...or at least the window ledges. "From an artistic perspective I am doing this much like those singing from balconies in Italy. My belief is that if you look across Luxembourg you find others decorating houses, sharing messages of friendship and hope in much the same way."

Here in his own words is how the couple went about their hopeful task:

"The windows are in our kitchen and dining area. I used tempera (a poster paint) which I bought at Auchan. Eventually it will clean off with a splash of water. I will be changing the art every once in a while, for as long as we are stuck inside. I am working from home currently, as I am employed by Amazon and we have all been requested to do so. I am a designer by profession and a fine artist by avocation. My wife and I moved here from Seattle 2 1/2 years ago and we just love the country and its people. Truly my message is about hope and beauty. This is a scary time. I heard from one Mother across the street her son saw the flowers and he loves them."

Here's hoping many more people take up a similar approach and share their ideas with us and our readers.

Thank you Paul. Thank you Elizabeth.

Stay home.

Stay safe.

RTL Editorial Team.