A Reddit user retells the story of being attacked in the middle of the night while waiting for a bus - and extends a thank you to those who helped.

Aiming for the CN7, I (M27) was quietly waiting alone at 01:35 at the Hamilius bus stop. Quite a lot of other people were also waiting. Some drunk guy (bald, roughly 1m70, 25 to 30 y/o) came and started harassing a girl right in front of me - I keep an eye out just in case, but don't react otherwise.

Drunk guy turns to me, and comes right to my face speaking Luxembourgish. I answer that I don't understand what he is saying, so he starts becoming viciously aggressive. I try to ignore as best I can until he has me cornered in the bus stop. I put my arms out to push him away and keep distance, but the guy wasn't having it. He swings at me.

Ensues a tussle, in which he finds himself on the floor and I have him in slight control around his neck. Problem is, his friend (red coat, short brown hair, 1m80, also 25 to 30 y/o) comes from nowhere and kicks me full force in the back of my head. I know I'm in a shitty position so I let go of bald guy, and back out. The bald guy was pursuing me, gradually taking his layers off (ending up shirtless, lmao what a fucking chump), insulting me and challenging me to a 1-to-1.

One guy intervenes, and starts trying to defuse the situation in Luxembourgish. I'm also telling bald guy that I just wanna go home, but he just keeps following me. The friend is also provoking me, but the guy who was helping me was stopping him from getting too close.

A few seconds later, bald guy snaps and picks an empty bottle and comes running at me. Neither I nor my newfound friend can stop him, so I lower my body and preventively rugby tackle him to the floor (I did not want to get a bottle smashed in my face). Once we are back on the floor, bald guy starts punching me, and red coat guy kicks me some more. Luckily, another pretty imposing guy comes in and starts bellowing at the two to leave me the fuck alone. Everyone is screaming and trying to leave the immediate area. I get up and get a safe distance from both.

The CN7 was arriving just at that moment, thank fucking god. I thank the two helpers with all me heart, and jump into the bus. Unfortunately, the two also went into that same bus through the back, but the driver was nice enough to let me stay in the entrance section, hidden from them (he had witnessed some of the fight). The two continued harassing people in the bus, the driver was keeping an eye out. They both stopped off at Theatre/Glacis a few minutes later.

I got a few cuts and bruises from all the tussling on the concrete (got some pics for my statement), and completely shocked. I was just really relieved when I finally got home.

This text above will be my police statement on Monday, but if anyone witnessed anything I would be super glad to get your PM*. Also, huge long shot, but if any of you is one of my two guardians angels, please shoot me a PM. Thank you so fucking much.

*Note: This text was first published on the Luxembourg subreddit and is republished here with the author's permission. If you were witness to the attack, please contact the Luxembourg City police to leave a statement. If you were one of the two people who helped the author, feel free to send us an e-mail (audience@rtltoday.lu) if you want to get in touch with the author. 

Note that this article has been re-posted for our year in review. We have also independently verified the above story.


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