16-year-old Stefan Rojas brought Luxembourg to the podium for a second year in a row.

Rojas was runner up together with Maximilian Kukuk from Germany with a score of -7 in the U-19 category and tied in third place overall.

The Framas Open took place at the Erster Golf Club Westpfalz from 2 to 5 August . Four rounds on stroke play put together 101 boys and 33 girls to play 72 holes and 16 boys and 3 girls to play 36 holes for the tournament.

The Grand Duchy was present with 11 youngsters ranging from 9 years old up to almost 19, most of them part of the Junior National Team who attended with the invaluable support of the Luxembourguish Golf Federation. Their scores came with several new personal records after the four rounds and most of them significantly improved from last year.

In the U-19 Category, the players from Luxembourg achieved the following results out of 32 players in this age group:

Stefan Rojas finished tied in second place with a score of 7 under (-7) and during the second day of the tournament tied his personal best for a single round score of 66 strokes (-5). He was followed by Alexandre Dorier who finished in 14th place with a score of +10. Next was Andrew Rojas finishing in 16th place with a score of +11 and Charel Diederich finished his performance in 27th place with a score of +41. Willy Wilge played during 3 days but unfortunately got sick and couldn’t play the last one.

Luxembourg was present in other categories too, in the U15 age group, Nicolas Winandy finished in 18th place with a score of +17 followed by Leo Zoenen with a score of +58; in the U-13 age group, Maxime Morne finished in 9th place with a score of +36 strokes. He also played his new personal best with a score of +4 on the second day of the Open. Last but not least, In the U10 age group, Daniel Morn only 9 years old and the youngest in the group finished in 6th place with a score of +57 strokes on the 36 holes competition.

This was a tough tournament for the youngest players, since they have to play same conditions and same course length as the older ones. Daniel, who started playing golf at 2 years old, commented: “The course was very long for me, I always started playing after 4pm and it was very hot, this made me feel very tired, but I like playing this tournament you feel like a little professional, with caddie on the bag and live scoring.”

On the girls side, In the U-15 age group, Emma Lahaije finished in 8th place with a score of +33, breaking her personal best per round with a score of 76 strokes (+5) on the second day. In the U-19 age group, Lisa Steingrube finished in 8th place with a score of +36 strokes.

What a performance from all of them. Playing under the soaring heat with temperatures feeling at 40 degrees Celsius, they have to bring to the game not only their golf abilities but also fitness and resistance, you can’t feel but admiration for these young athletes.

Stefan said “The weather conditions were very tough and very exhausting, it exhausted everyone, I struggled in some holes, made some mistakes but I am very proud of the way I finished”.

Overall for the boys who played 72 holes including all age groups out of 101 players who started, the winner Tim Hesselbach from Germany secured his position with an outstanding total of under 17. From Luxembourg, Stefan Rojas tied in third place, Alexander Dorier tied in 25th place, Andrew Rojas in 28th, Nicolas Winandy tied in 40th place, Maxime Morn tied in 63rd place, Charel Diederich tied in 70th place, Leo Zoenen tied in 85th.

Overall for the girls who played 72 holes including all age groups out of 33 players who started,  Joy Johnson from Germany collected the Girls’ winner prize with a score of  under 1 . From Luxembourg Emma Lahaije finished in 19th place and Lisa Steingrube finished in 20th place.

“I am very proud of my team and friends from Luxembourg, we all did our best and we all are improving,  besides  we had fun together and that is what matters” said Stefan Rojas.