Luxembourgish cyclist Christine Majerus suffered a fall during the opening stage of this year's Women's Tour de France in Paris.

The opening stage of the revised competition started at the Eiffel Tower and finished after 81.7 kilometres on the Champs-Elysées. Seven kilometres before the finish line, Christine Majerus and Alana Castrique, both riding in the peloton at the time, suffered a fall.

Majerus managed to get back on her bike, but crossed the finish line as 136th with a delay of three minutes and fifteen seconds.

Lorena Wiebes got the better of fellow Dutchwoman Marianne Vos in a "chaotic and long sprint" to win the first stage of the now eight-stage race. Lotte Kopecky from Belgium came third.

Results of the first stage

1st place: WIEBES Lorena 1:54:00
2nd place: VOS Marianne ,,
3rd place: KOPECKY Lotte ,,
4th place: BARBIERI Rachele ,,
5th place: NORSGAARD Emma ,,
6th place: VAN DER DUIN Maike ,,
7th place: BALSAMO Elisa ,,
8th place: BOILARD Simone ,,
9th place: DRONOVA-BALABOLINA Tamara ,,
10th place: GUAZZINI Vittoria ,,

136th place: MAJERUS Christine 3:15