Rugby Club Luxembourg's Paul Sweetnam joined Steps on air to chat about all things Rugby.

RTL Today Radio's Stephen Lowe welcomed friend and fellow rugby man Paul Sweetnam on The Lunchbox. 

Paul talked about how his role as Chief of Operations of Rugby Club Luxembourg has seen him take on everything from stinging insects and booking pitches to tying shoelaces and more. He also shared how the club has been able to take on some more philanthropic endeavors including donating equipment to underprivileged communities, organising matches with Dreiborn youth and providing sports bras for women and girls looking to try out rugby.

Rugby Club Luxembourg is open to all and boasted around 400 licenses last season including referees, junior and senior players. This year, the club was also able to welcome 30 Ukrainian refugees into their springtime camp, which Sweetnam feels has helped both the players and their families integrate and feel more at home here in the Grand Duchy.

Registration for the upcoming season starts next week, so make sure to listen to the complete interview between Steps and Paul on RTL Play or via the player below!

If you want to learn more about Rugby Club Luxembourg you can visit their website or follow them on their Facebook Page.

Paul Sweetnam talks rugby on RTL Today Radio