Aside from Tornado Luxembourg, the Knights are the second team from the Grand Duchy to play international ice hockey.

About 500 spectators usually make it to the Beaufort Knights' home appearances, but due to current Covid regulations, only 200 watched the game against Belgian team Olympia Heist.

The first third of the encounter remained pretty balanced and ended without a single goal. However, shortly after begin of the second third, league leaders Heist went on the attack and scored three goals within five minutes. Short altercations also broke out over the course of this period, but nobody was injured. The referees were forced to penalise four Belgian and one Luxembourgish player in the end. The second third ended with a 4:0 lead for the Belgian visitors.

The Knights finally managed to score in the last third of the game, although Heist also recorded another goal. Despite the 1:5 loss, the team around captain Claude Mossong received an ovation from fans for their performance.

Video report in Luxembourgish