Caught off guard by the immediate entry into force of the new measures to combat the pandemic, the Luxembourg Football Federation has cancelled "all league and friendly matches on 19, 20, and 21 October 2021".

In its press release, the Luxembourg Football Federation (FLF) makes no secret of the fact that the announcements by Minister of Sport Dan Kersch took it by surprise. Following the Ministry's new provisions on sporting activities, which the federation "received last night" (i.e. Monday) and which "to our great surprise, come into force from today" (19 October 2021) and not from 1 November 2021, as for all other sectors, the FLF "is forced, out of respect for all its volunteers", to cancel all league and friendly matches on 19, 20, and 21 October 2021. This also includes corporate football games.

The new provisions for sport foresee the abolition of on-site self-tests for both athletes and all other persons present in the context of sports competitions with immediate effect. This is a major change that "puts us all in a difficult situation", the FLF acknowledges. An adapted match schedule will be published "as soon as possible".