Although spectators have not been allowed to live sports events for some amount of time, a few individuals can always be spotted at the sidelines of some games.

Only people with an official role are allowed to observe a competitive encounter from close range. Nevertheless, Minister of Sport Dan Kersch has noted that time and again, private people try to get access as well: "These images are always disappointing to me, because I know how much work it costs every club to organise and execute their safety concepts. Furthermore, it diminishes public acceptance for the reopening of the sports sector."

What kind of fines can be expected when people break the rules, who is to be made responsible? Clubs, individuals, or both? Minister Kersch elaborated: "The police can immediately fine the person breaking the rules, but also the ones who allowed the access in the first place. Club officials and board members do have a certain amount of legal responsibility."

By now, some people have found creative ways to still follow an event without breaking the rules. When asked when official access would be possible again, Minister Kersch stated that it is impossible to determine a timeline at this stage.