The Sportlycée offers athletically gifted students a challenge in more than one aspect as the curriculum is still the same as in any other secondary school. In order to support the young athletes in the best way possible, the Sportlycée offers a number of services.

Besides following their normal school classes, students spend a lot of time training or travelling abroad to compete in their various sports. Rémi Fabiani, a swimmer in his final year, is one of them.

Due to a swimming competition abroad, Fabiani cannot attend his classes. Together with Stéphanie Hinger, the young athlete determines how he can catch up on what he missed or when he can take any exams he may have missed.

The athlete's respective federation is responsible for submitting an application to the school in order to exempt the student from attending classes. The Sportslycée uses a three-tier system to determine their decision: If a student is classified as "green", everything is good, if the classification is "orange", their teachers must be consulted first, and if the student is "red", they must stay at school.

The Sportslycée also provides extensive medical treatment to its students. Every morning, a team of physiotherapists is available to work with the students. Philippe Pierini is one of them and takes care of students who cannot attend the school or their federation's training sessions. These students receive an alternative training programme in order to stay fit, but also receive specific training in order to recover faster.

The school also employs its own dietitian with Tammy Diderich who provides students with tips and advice prior and during competitions.