PM said on Tuesday that sport is allowed to re-start but under very strict and limited conditions.

Covid-Mesuren am Sport / Reportage Jeff Kettenmeyer

Gyms and dance schools can reopen next week, but at reduced capacity.

According to information obtained by RTL, indoor and outdoor competitions are able to resume. This applies to all upper divisions in all senior sports. However, Minister of Health Paulette Lenert announced that there will be no catering permitted in sport arenas and in outdoor facilities. Junior competitions are still banned.

The Minister of Sport has confirmed that no spectators are allowed in any sport venues until the end of January.

Another major change is that not only COSL elite athletes can pursue their sport but any other professional belonging to a national team from any other sport can do so too.

Swimming pools, too, are allowed to reopen, with a maximum of 6 people permitted per 50-metre lane and 3 people per 25-metre lane.

Sports minister Dan Kersch is expected to provide further details at a press conference on Thursday at 11AM.