The last meeting in the Swiss competition took place in Hittnau on Saturday.

The Luxembourgish champion was the first to cross the finish line on Saturday, German rider Elisabeth Brandau coming in second (+24"), followed by Eva Lechner from Italy (+45"). After Saturday's victory, Majerus will now return to her team for an extensive training camp.

Three Luxembourgish riders further participated in the junior race in Hittnau. Jo Schmitz ranked 12th, closely followed by Mil Morang on spot 13. Lenny Kleman came in as 25th.

Also on Saturday, Marie Schreiber competed in a cyclo-cross race in Troyes. She ranked 6th with a delay of 1 minute and 23 seconds to French winner Laurianne Duraffourg.

Women's top 10 in Hittnau

1 MAJERUS Christine (LUX) 20:15:00
2 BRANDAU Elisabeth (GER) +0:24
3 LECHNER Eva (ITA) +0:45
4 CLAUZEL Hélène (FRA) +1:34
5 KOLLER Nicole (SUI) +2:15
6 KRÄHEMANN Lara (SUI) +2:43
7 HAVLIKOVA Pavla (CZE) +2:47
8 SCHNEEBELI Jacqueline (SUI) +3:16
9 HALTER Monique (SUI) +3:22
10 ZÜGER Tina (SUI) +3:45