After two days of competition over 36 holes, 29 boys and 16 girls played golf in a difficult course in Clervaux.

Juniors from different nationalities belonging to four golf courses in Luxembourg competed across three different categories, U12, U15 and over 15.

All golfers have played amazingly well considering the difficulty of the golf course, congratulations offered from the organisers and supporters to all of them for training and keeping their skills to such a high level.

Overall National Champions are:

For the boys - Julien Metzler

For the girls - Lisa Steingrube.

From the over 15s category:

Boys - 1. Julien Metzler, 2nd Stefan Rojas, 3rd. Andrew Rojas.

Girls - 1. Lisa Steingrube, 2nd Nina Wojtczak and 3rd. Caroline Point.

From the category under 15s:

Boys - 1st. Lenny Mines, 2nd Nicolas Winandy and 3rd Maximilien Becker.

Girls - 1st Emma Lahaije, 2nd. Ella Dineur and 3rd. Chiara Pecchinotti.

From the category under 12s: 

1. Maya Cizeron and Charel Mayer, 2nd Alexandr Krämer and 3rd Maxime Morn.