More than a quarter of all women find Christmas to be quite stressful, a survey published on Monday by the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich showed.

27% of women expressed this sentiment, the study concluded, which included approximately 1,200 participants in Germany.

Among men, only one in five associates Christmas with stress. However, men are more concerned about the high costs associated with the festive season.

People between the ages of 30 and early 40s find the holidays in general most stressful. The study authors attribute this, among other things, to the fact that many in this age group are experiencing their first Christmas with children. On the other hand, for the younger generation under 30, the top stressor is finding the right gift.

Just under a third of the respondents believe that Christmas has undergone lasting changes due to two years of pandemic, followed by two years of war and inflation. Of these respondents, 58 percent plan to spend less money on gifts, and 20 percent are less excited about the festivities overall.

On the other hand, 50 percent are finding Christmas even more uplifting and special amid these crises.

About half of the people plan to take more time for themselves and their loved ones. 38 percent have fewer obligations and approach the holidays with a more relaxed attitude. These individuals say to have "detoxified and decelerated" Christmas to some extent, study author Philipp Rauschnabel explains.

Unnecessary gift wrapping

Sustainability doesn't seem to play a significant role in Christmas celebrations. 12 percent generally do not pay attention to sustainability, while another 12 percent do so but not specifically during Christmas. 32 percent of the respondents plan to avoid unnecessary gift wrapping.

30 percent want to cut down on unnecessary decorations, and 26 percent are willing to forgo travel. Only 8 percent, however, are willing to give up less sustainable foods.

Remember, finding the perfect gift is like decorating a Christmas tree—sometimes you just have to branch out and get creative!