In a shocking turn of events, The New York Post announces Donald Trump's presidential candidature in the least obvious way possible.

On Tuesday 15 November, former US president Donald Trump announced his bid for the 2024 presidential election. In true Trump fashion, he announced his presidential ambitions at his Florida Mar-a-Lago estate and promised once more to make America great and glorious again.

The announcement in the Wednesday edition of The New York Post, referenced the 'Florida Man' meme which gained popularity in the early 2010's. The announcement was teased under the inconspicuous title 'Florida man makes announcement' at the very bottom of the Post's front page . The story itself was only printed on page 26, appearing as an inconspicuous side commentary and leading CNN to call it a 'brutal treatment' of Trump's presidential announcement.

The meme is typically used to described silly or absurd antics that often seem to take place within the Sunshine State.

In case you are curious, here are a few citations from the article:

"With just 720 days to go before the next election, a Florida retiree made the surprise announcement that he was running for president."

"Avid golfer Donald J. Trump kicked things off at Mar-a-Lago, his resort and classified-documents library."

"Trump, famous for gold-plated lobbies and for firing people on reality television, will be 78 in 2024."

With the final line saying that "Trump also served as the 45th president."