Unsure where to follow the US elections? Well, you needn't be anymore - because we'll be right here with you, covering the night in our signature RTL Today style.

That means you will get all of the latest information, of course, through our dedicated live ticker which we'll start up on 3 November.

We'll also have fancy widgets to give you a visual overview as results come out, but most importantly... you'll have us! Just about the whole team will come together to cover election night from start to finish.

We'll also have a digital tonne of video coming through from across the US and Luxembourg - the former through our international partners in the US, the latter thanks to our lovely colleagues on RTL Tele (TV) who are heading out to the party headquarters of both the Democrats and Republicans right here in Luxembourg. All of this material will be swiftly edited by Christophe Wantz, who we suspect is an actual video wizard, over at our French sister site, 5 Minutes.

RTL Today team on the day

Kicking off Tuesday 3 November with his inimitable wit and ferocious appetite for the latest news will be none other than Stephen Lowe, who has the unenviable task of getting the whole show on the road on Tuesday morning and into the afternoon.

He'll be followed by new boy Brendan, who's working his second ever shift. An absolute newshound, he'll no doubt provide an interesting perspective. He'll be joined by, and under the guidance of, none other than Tom Tutton - he of the history podcast, and live football commentary (which incidentally he'll also be delivering on Tuesday, if you need a break from the election).

Come 8pm, Tom and Brendan will take a break, leaving the site and live coverage in the safe and surprisingly smooth hands of Josh Oudendijk, who shortly thereafter will be joined by Martin (also known as /Martin), translator-turned-editor Ian, and a never-resting Tom Tutton.

Before you know it, Steps will be back at a painfully early hour on Wednesday morning as the evening editors go to bed (or combust from exhaustion). Steps will be joined by Dani, known for her excellent ticker translation skills, for all of the key analysis throughout Wednesday as we dissect where the election was won and lost - if indeed we know the result by then.

In short, we'll have a whole lot of people working throughout the day and night to ensure you get all the latest news, as well as a host of different perspectives and insights from our varied team.

We want to hear from YOU

Now you know who'll be on this side of the screen, we'd love to know who is on the other. To help keep us awake through the night, we would love for all of our fantastic readers to get involved as well.

Whether it's a photo of your setup as you watch the election, a video of your reaction to a particular event, a question, a written comment, your guess on who's going to win a particular state, or even asking Tom what his favourite brand of granola is... we want this to be a two-way street, with both hard news and friendly chats with our readers.

You'll be able to reach us through comments on the site, e-mail, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Can't wait to see you all on Tuesday!

-The RTL Today Team