We've prepared a few eclectic coffee facts for you to impress your friends with on world coffee day.

Okay, this is perhaps a tad random, but did you know that the first coffee house in London was established in 1657, on Fleet Street? That said, the black brew that warmed Victorian hands and stomachs at the time has little to do with the variety we get to enjoy today, but you can even take an immersive audio tour to the relics of London coffee houses in the city, here.

Back to the present — let's have a look at a few fun facts about coffee, and how people enjoy it. For instance, did you know that coffee beans are actually fruit? There you go, that's your first excuse to have a coffee break - got to get your five fruit and vegetables per day, right?

There has also been research suggesting that 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day can lower the risk of developing heart disease, strokes, as well as Parkinson's, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer. But, as with so many things, moderation is key: the lethal dose is about 70 to 100 cups a day.

Feeling adventurous? Have a look at how coffee is consumed in other parts of the world. The Fins, being statistically speaking the greatest coffee lovers, have a curious tradition of pouring coffee over chunks of cheese curds, but what you should really try is the ultimate 2020 trend of Dalgona Coffee, a technique in which you whip instant coffee, sugar and water, until it gets all fluffy and creamy.

If you're still not in the right mood for International Coffee Day, I have exactly what's needed to tip you over the edge:
There's a song dedicated to coffee, that the Luxembourgish a capella group Sultry interpreted, and you can listen to it here. Go on, have a cup!