A petition urging Theresa May to revoke article 50, and thereby cancel Brexit, has collected over 2 and a half million signatures - and crashed the UK parliamentary petition website.

While the petition website is back up and running at the time of writing, the BBC reported earlier today that it had crashed as a result of the immense popularity of the petition to revoke article 50.

Margaret Anne Georgiadou, who started the petition, is quoted by the BBC as saying that the petition did not do particularly well for about a week - but it has since gone viral. When we first reported on the story at just after 1pm on Thursday the petition had just over 820,000 signatures, with the number steadily ticking up. As of just before 4pm, some three hours later, it had reached over 1,000,000 signatures.

According to the Petitions Committee, the petition was receiving around 2,000 signatures per second at around 1.45pm, with the Committee noting that it was the highest-recorded rate of signing the website had ever had to deal with.

Several MPs have shared links to the petition and urged the public to sign.

By Saturday, the petition had broken the record of most signatures on the UK parliamentary petition website with more than 4.3 million signatures. Georgiadou has told the BBC that she has faced a torrent of abuse on her Facebook page and received death threats.