Overnight from Monday to Tuesday, the price of diesel and heating oil will go up a notch in Luxembourg.

After falling by 3.6 cents for a short period (three days) last week, the price of diesel rose by 1.6 cents on Friday. The price is now rising again.

From the early hours of Tuesday 13 February, a litre of diesel in Luxembourg will cost €1.626. That's 4.3 cents more than on Monday — and an extra €2.15 for a full 50 litres.

Heating oil will also be more expensive in Luxembourg starting Tuesday. It will cost 4.6 cents more per litre for both types of heating oil.

As a result, 10 ppm heating oil will now cost €1.101 per litre. And low sulphur heating oil (50ppm) will cost €1.082 per litre.