In October, Luxembourg's unemployment rate increased once again to a new two-year high, as the National Employment Agency (ADEM) said 16,927 people were now registered with the service.

According to the agency, 2,258 more people were seeking work in Luxembourg in October compared to the same period last year. The unemployment rate has risen by 0.1% over the last month, and is now at its highest rate for two years at 5.6%.

The increase in jobseekers is once again most prevalent in highly-qualified candidates and young people aged 30 and under.

Across 2023, there are now 28% more people seeking work in Luxembourg than last year. ADEM said it had 8,571 available roles - a third less than in October 2022.

The following sectors are most sought after by employers:

  1. IT studies and development
  2. Accounting
  3. Consulting and project management in information systems (IT)
  4. Secretarial work
  5. Credit analysis and banking risks