"It takes a village to raise a child." So says an African proverb. It takes parents, family, environment, school, associations, neighbours, the state, society. Being a parent is wonderful, but sometimes difficult. Parents do not have to be alone with their questions, worries, thoughts, and challenges. In the spirit of this saying, we want to encourage parents to get support, to share, to communicate, to seek help and advice. We also want to advocate that it should no longer be taboo to talk about challenges, conflicts, or problems. Just talking about it can sometimes be reassuring and helpful. It is not always easy to know where to turn and what is available, as the support network in Luxembourg is extensive. Sometimes it takes months to get an appointment and the waiting lists are long.

What is KJT?

ELTERENTELEFON can be a good support

We offer guidance, counselling, and support in the event of questions, problems, and crises. We are always ready to listen, and all discussions are anonymous and confidential. We have time. We empower, accompany, inform, and support. We are a safe place. Parents, grandparents, or people in contact with children and young people can talk to us about any subject concerning the family, children and young people. Our counsellors are very familiar with the support network and can refer you to the appropriate agencies. We can help to reduce waiting times.

The importance of support & breaking stigma

What issues can be raised with the helpline?

Questions like: "Oliver has changed, is this normal at this stage of his development," "I feel like I can't get through to Lily anymore," "Emma has changed a lot since she started puberty," "Things have been difficult since my wife and I split up, we argue almost every day," "What can I do, we always argue about homework," "Finn is always online and if I take his mobile phone away, it's a crisis waiting to happen," "I'm totally overwhelmed and don't know what to do"...

Issues and topics covered

Unfortunately, parents and grandparents also report depression, harassment, cyber-bullying, violence, and abuse. Sometimes parents are raising these issues for the first time. We are there for them in their time of need, offering advice, guidance, and support. Every single question, every single concern, every single problem is welcome. No issue is too big or too small.


The ELTERENTELEFON has been an integral part of the KJT since 2007. Elterentelefon counsellors are trained professionals and volunteers. All counsellors receive regular supervision and training to support their work at the helpline.

From 12 October, the helpline will also be accessible via a new telephone number. This number is much easier to remember and, like our other services, is now free of charge: 8002-4444. With the area code (00352), you can even reach us from abroad if you are on holiday or live or work across the border.

Elterentelefon (parents' telephone) - now in English

Until now, English-speaking parents could only contact us online. As of 12 October, the ELTERENTELEFON will also be available for direct telephone calls in English every Monday from 6pm to 8pm.

Celebrate with us!

We're eager to celebrate with you. On 12/10 at 6.45pm, we invite you to the big launch event at the Utopia cinema. On this day, we will also publish a new video clip about Elterentelefon, produced by Tun Biever (Two Steps Twice) and directed by Kiyan Agadjani. Book your seat here: https://tinyurl.com/5n6vbhvy (free event). With the support of Luxfilmfest, after the official launch we will be screening The Sleeping Beast (Estonian VO with English subtitles), followed by a discussion and cocktails. We'd be delighted to join you in celebrating this further development of the KJT.

Calling KJT - anonymity