Monday will see yet another tripartite meeting take place between government and social partners, this time focusing on the aviation sector and personnel issues at Luxair.

A number of employees recently alleged that atmosphere and work conditions have become increasingly difficult at Luxair. In the recent past, the aviation sector faced many challenges, including travel bans issued as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, financial issues, partial unemployment, and an unmanageable uptick in demand.

Although the affected parties are scheduled to sit down for negotiations on Monday, unions are simultaneously organising a protest march, leading from Glacis square to the Ministry for Mobility and Public Works in Kirchberg, in support of Luxair staff. LCGB, OGBL, and NGL-SNEP demand "an improvement of work and wage conditions that corresponds to the daily commitment shown by the entirety of Luxair employees."

The airline's board of administrations, presided by Giovanni Giallombardo, has meanwhile expressed concerns over the social dialogue, which "seems to have been questioned". In a statement, Giallombardo ensured that he intends to "support a constructive approach" to resolve internal problems at Luxair.