Minister of Health Paulette Lenert has confirmed that an employee of the National Health Directorate did indeed try to get a colleague to certify a forged PCR test result.

The newspaper 'Lëtzebuerger Land' first reported the incident around one month ago. In theory, it is possible to abuse the system to produce a fake certificate.

However, in her reply to a parliamentary question by MPs Martine Hansen and Jean-Marie Halsdorf from the Christian Social People's Party (CSV), Lenert stressed that since the incident, procedures have been "tightened".

Now, only a limited number of people have access to the system. Specifically, access has been limited to employees working for the "help and verification service".

They have to log in with their names and every action can be traced back to them. Checks are also carried out, according to the Minister.

The initial report stated that the employee in question had been suspended and reported to the public prosecutor's office.