Virologist Dr Claude Muller was a guest on RTL Radio on Saturday afternoon.

The protection against the coronavirus granted by vaccination can only be upheld if everyone receives a booster shot, according to Dr Muller.

The fact that a booster shot is needed does not come as a surprise to experts in the field, Dr Muller explained. It is often the case that a long-lasting protection is only reached after three doses. In the case of the vaccines against Covid-19, the exceptionally good results documented by studies made it difficult to know if this was also the case here, according to Dr Muller.

Combining a standard vaccination with AstraZeneca with an mRNA booster has already delivered good results, Dr Muller explained. However, the virologist also argued that it might be worth considering administering the booster shot sooner than the current six months after the second dose.

Dr Muller advised against using the number of antibodies as a basis to decide whether or not to get a booster shot, explaining that there are simply "too many uncertainties" regarding this topic.

Medical experts are also unsure what to make of the high number of vaccinated patients in intensive care last week, Dr Muller added. The trend must be closely monitored to determine whether this was an isolated incident or whether this is a reason to worry that would necessitate adequate measures, Dr Muller stated.