3,438 coronavirus infections were reported among pupils and school staff between 15 September and 21 November 2021.

2,234 cases were detected in primary school establishments, while secondary education accounted for 1,204 infections, according to a report published on Thursday by the Ministries of Health and Education.

Cases are continuing to rise in schools, mirroring the increase in cases among the general population.

The Ministry of Education said this was to be expected, particularly as pupils in primary school have not been vaccinated. The incidence rate is also higher than it was last year.

Secondary school cases are significantly lower than 2020, which could partially be explained by the fact that around 70% of students are now vaccinated, thereby reducing the virus transmission. The ministry said this underlines the importance of getting vaccinated.

Rapid tests will continue to be deployed in schools, as they have proven effective in identifying cases, particularly over recent weeks. Although rapid tests only detected a small percentage of infections last year, this year they picked up on 40% of new cases over the last two weeks alone.

Although infections in schools are on the rise, there has been no rise in hospitalisations among school-aged children to match. It is still rare for a child to be hospitalised with Covid in the Grand Duchy, and to date there have been no coronavirus fatalities among children in the country.

The Ministry of Education added that it would continue to work alongside the Ministry of Health in order to implement updated recommendations for measures in schools.