The #Yeswecare initiative was carried out at hospitals and healthcare institutions across the country at midday on Thursday.

Doctors, nurses and carers across Luxembourg joined to raise awareness of the toll the pandemic has taken upon their work and their private lives. The discreet and symbolic gesture took the form of a minute's silence outside the respective buildings at lunchtime on Thursday, with staff holding up placards to spread the message.

The initiative was launched by anaesthetist Dr. Marco Klop of the Robert Schuman hospital group. In an interview with RTL television, Dr Klop described the situation currently faced by hospitals, as the number of Covid patients is on the rise. More and more young people are being hospitalised with the virus, despite patients feeling as though they should not have been at risk of getting ill.

Thursday's minute of silence was also designed to draw attention to the fact that intensive care beds risk becoming full if infections continue to climb. This would have a knock-on effect on non-Covid patients, who could therefore lose out on vital operations or hospital care. Dr Klop said this could only be avoided through steady vaccination, wearing masks and social distancing.

A press release issued on Tuesday evening stated that the crisis, which is steadily approaching the two-year mark, has weighed heavily upon a sector which was already chronically understaffed prior to the pandemic.

The statement, which was signed by a committee of healthcare representatives, also advocates for vaccination and thanks the members of the public who have already taken advantage of the jabs.

The committee said that vaccines work, but that it was high time to act in order to prevent future lockdowns.

Dr  Jean-Marc Cloos from the hospital complex in Kirchberg said that non-vaccinated Covid patients were more likely to end up in intensive care, and that the patients currently hospitalised were more seriously ill than cases from the last year and a half.

The Zithaklinik in Luxembourg City also participated in the symbolic gesture, as nurse Armand Klamm explained to RTL why it was so important for staff to attend the demonstration.