People who receive a booster jab for the Johnson&Johnson vaccine will receive a new certificate; however, the old one issued following the first jab will still be valid.

On 15 October, the government council opted to recommend an additional dose of mRNA vaccine to people who had been vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson's Janssen coronavirus vaccine, to take place four weeks after vaccination at the earliest. This booster jab should offer better protection against the virus. Eligible people have been registered, with some already taking advantage of the offer.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Health confirmed the booster jab is not mandatory, and the CovidCheck regime will continue to recognise certificates issued to people who have just a single dose of the J&J vaccine. The booster is an additional option to help increase the effectiveness of the vaccination.

The Ministry has received a number of questions recently regarding the certification issued following a vaccination.

People who receive a second J&J jab will be issued a second certificate. However, as with the previous certificate, this will only be valid abroad following a period of two weeks. The initial certificate will retain its validity and can also be used for travel.