In preparation for the final on Sunday, Minister for Internal Security Henri Kox has issued an appeal to the population. He reminds us of the increasing number of new infections, which could be detrimental to the country.

In a press conference on Friday morning, Kox pointed out how important personal responsibility is at the moment. Especially now that the final of the European Football Championship is on Sunday and many people will gather in larger groups.

Around 22,400 checks regarding Covid-19 have been carried out by the police so far, according to Pascal Peters, director of Administrative Police, speaking during the same conference.

A quarter of them concerned curfew enforcement. Since the curfew was lifted on 14 June, the police have carried out around 170 checks and inspected 60 businesses. In almost a month, however, only 6 protocols have been distributed because people did not abide by the rules.

The number of new infections is increasing again in Luxembourg, with the risk that Luxembourg could once again be classified as a risk area. That's why Kox appealed to everyone's sense of responsibility and asked everyone who is not yet vaccinated to do so.

It is now up to the people and organisers to maintain sanitary measures, while the police continues to check that the Covid-Check system is functioning as intended.

When asked how Horesca establishments should carry out checks on Covid-19 rapid tests in the future, the Ministry did not have precise answers yet. It should be up to each business to establish its own methods. In terms of private sectors, the police simply cannot detect such breaches, unless it is reported, according to Kox.

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