There are currently 118 confirmed Covid infections throughout the 52 retirement and nursing homes in Luxembourg.

The minister for family affairs and integration noted in an RTL interview that the current rise in infections should be considered self-explanatory: "The virus is omnipresent and we need to act and behave accordingly."

In-person family visits to nursing or senior homes should therefore be avoided where possible. Similarly, the minister recommends that people living in such facilities stay inside for the time being. Telephone calls should be considered the preferred communication channel, Cahen further explained.

Over the coming days, all institutions will undergo extensive testing procedures to regain control over the situation. However, Copas president Marc Fischbach emphasises in that regard that in over 40% of homes, not a single case has yet been determined. The association thus proposes a three-tier-plan to differentiate between measures and institutions:

Tier 1 - Homes with no recorded cases.

Tier 2 - Homes with individual cases. Visits should only be conducted in specifically designated rooms.

Tier 3 - Homes with multiple cases. Visits should be prohibited altogether.

Fischbach underlines that the proposed model should not affect those near the "end of their lives", in which cases visits should be allowed at all times.