The health ministry urges people testing positive and those in contact with possible positive cases to go into self-isolation and start the process of contact tracing themselves. Furthermore, paying a visit to vulnerable people, whether at home, in a care home or in hospital, should be avoided.

"We cannot sugarcoat this. The situation is alarming," Minister of Health Paulette Lenert said on Saturday. It were in everyone's best interest to limit visits to care homes and protect the most vulnerable members of society.

"We know the risk of entering hospitals and care homes, where more fragile people are. One should not wait until these recommendations are announced. An unnecessary visit should be postponed. We haven't reached the point yet where you can be tested at the entrance and know the result within five minutes."

The high number of asymptomatic cases poses a further risk, and visits put strain on employees of the location. Numerous care homes are currently confronted with positive cases (including 21 patients and 13 staff members at the Centre Hospitalier Émile Mayrisch), the minister confirmed to colleagues from RTL. Employees and patients of care homes and hospitals are rigorously tested. The good news is that most of the older patients are asymptomatic.

Father's Day, which was earlier in October, could be a reason why one home belonging to the Servior group went from zero cases to several in a matter of days. Having sufficient healthy staff to run operations is another concern.

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