On Saturday, the Ministries of Health and Education provided the public with further information on school-related infection chains.

In the week of 5 to 11 October, 12% of positive corona infections in Luxembourg stem from educational institutions. However, this rate also includes university students living in the Grand Duchy, as officials underlined in a statement released on Saturday. In particular, it appears that most cases could be linked to Belgian university towns, such as Louvain, Namur, and Liège.

If one were to consider the Luxembourgish school system individually, the period between 15 September and 9 October saw 8 cases, caused by 2 infection chains within a particular building (scenario 3). In 85 cases, two pupils from the same class tested positiv (scenario 2).

The Ministries of Health and Education further noted that no particular spike had been observed in the country's schools.