The current Covid timetable of 8am to 1pm is also expected to be maintained until 15 July.

According to information obtained by RTL, primary school pupils will return in one single group to their schools as of 29 June.

The Minister of Education, Claude Meisch, met with different representatives within the educational system this week to discuss reuniting classes, which had been separated into two groups. The state council will decide on the changes on Friday before they will be presented during a press briefing.

At present, pupils in group A attend classes at school while group B study at home, alternating each week. The information RTL obtained beforehand indicated that the groups will merge again as of 29 June.

However, this would in part be on a voluntary basis for the children in the alternate group, otherwise the law would have to be changed. The staff which was recruited for the B-group will also continue to do their jobs.

It is expected that vulnerable people will be allowed to continue distant learning until 15 July or take care of their children at home.

The current Covid schedule of 8am to 1pm will likely be maintained until 15 July.

School trips which don't include overnight stays, excursions for educational purposes as well as swimming and PE classes will once again be permitted.

While it is expected that the distance rule within a classroom will be lifted, the obligation to wear a face mask on the bus or inside the school will most likely be upheld.