Thousands have signed the petition in favour of introducing a law allowing remote or tele-working in Luxembourg.

Petition n°1556 has passed the threshold of 4,500 signatures, which means it will be debated publicly in the Chamber of Deputies.

Although working remotely is already an ongoing practice in the Grand Duchy, the petition specifically requests it be included in Luxembourg's labour laws.

The petitioner's goal is to allow employees to work from home for half their daily or weekly working time determined by their contract.

The health crisis has shown that many tasks can be carried out from employees' homes, argues the petition, and therefore the right to work from home should be incorporated into the Grand Duchy's Labour Code.

The petitioner goes on to say that the absence of commuting will reduce stress for employees, as well as reducing the risk of accidents on the road and improving employees' well-being.

The public debate is yet to be given a date. It is also worth bearing in mind that tax law and conventions already exist in Luxembourg, which normally regulate the practice of teleworking.