Travelers entering the Grand Duchy have become subjected to stricter checks at the border since Luxembourg announced the gradual lifting of lockdown measures.

As Luxembourg eases out of lockdown, Belgian police have stepped up their border controls to ensure the spread of the virus does not pick up. With more cars on the road now that crossborder employees are once again able to work, police officers at Sterpenich are keeping a close eye on those passing through.
Unlike Luxembourg, Belgian schools and businesses will be opening at a slower rate, from 11 to 18 of May onwards, depending on future developments.

So far Belgium, with a population of 11.5 million, has recorded over 44,000 confirmed cases nearly 6,700 deaths. On Friday evening, following a meeting on the topic of deconfinement, Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès said that while the spread of Covid-19 has slowed, the virus has not disappeared.

Emphasising the need for a "delicate balance", Wilmès insisted their lockdown exit would happen step by step, with each new phase depending on whether or not hospitalisation numbers had sufficiently decreased.

This cautious approach is the reason why the Luxembourg-Belgium border would be subject to close surveillance: to make sure no one enters Luxembourg without a valid reason. The Sterpenich border report was signed off by Valentine Patry and Morgan Doux.

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According to Moselle prefecture information, of the 1,200 vehicles checked on Saturday, 15% were travelling to Luxembourg for non-essential reasons, ie to shop, especially cigarettes.