The nation's hospitals continue to rearrange their wards and activities, in order to treat coronavirus patients.

The Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch in Esch-sur-Alzette has undertaken new measures to reduce the risk of infection for other patients, as well as adding new beds.

The cafeteria in the hospital has been cleared, with 28 new beds spread across 600 square metres. It has been transformed into a fifth intensive care station, with access to oxygen equipment, should the need arise.

Georges Mischo, president of the hospital's administration, said the additional ward allowed them to completely separate Covid-19 patients from regular patients, so there was no risk of either stream coming into contact with the other.

They did not need to erect tents or other structures, and even the hospital's lifts are separate.

Currently there are 57 beds at the hospital which are occupied by Covid-19 patients, 14 of whom are in intensive care. This includes 5 French patients who were evacuated from the Grand Est region.

Although the situation in Luxembourg is calm, compared to abroad, preparations are constantly ongoing, explained Serge Haag of CHEM.

The number of staff has been reduced to allow fresh teams to take over in the near future, and will be adjusted in accordance with demand. The hospital is expecting a number of intensive care patients to be moved back to regular wards over the coming days as well, which increases the need for separate wards and beds.

The mild weather over the last week could also result in further admissions to hospital, after many people ignored social distancing measures to enjoy the sunshine at the weekend. The hospital's staff expressed concern over this and implored the public to stay at home.

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