There are around 50,000 pupils in lycées/ secondary schools around the country.

A number of pupils in their last year of school are facing their final exams, although it is still unclear what format these will take and when. However, in order to help these pupils prepare in spite of school closures, a group of university students has launched an initiative on Facebook to offer virtual tutoring to pupils in need.

Ben Weber, a master's student from London's Imperial College, is the group's founder. Unsure of his own studies at present, Weber is currently in Luxembourg between semesters and decided to make use of his time during the pandemic to offer assistance to pupils facing their baccalaureate.

So far around 600 students have joined the free tutoring group, with around 50 pupils making use of their services at the time of publication.

If you would like to join or receive tutoring help, check out the group's Facebook page here.

Video report in Luxembourgish.