University students are beginning to feel growing financial pressure resulting from the pandemic. For instance, many part-time jobs are being lost, making it more difficult for students to support themselves independently.

During his press conference on Thursday, Claude Meisch addressed the situation of people studying abroad. The minister of Education, Children, and Youth expressed his desire to adjust the parameters of student loans, if delays occurred from the international lockdown.

Student loans are generally tied to the duration of studies, an approach that needs to be reevaluated if the pandemic continues to bring life to a standstill. "We will be working closely with national and international student associations to find a solution for everyone," Meisch explained optimistically.

What kind of problems are students currently facing and which form of support do they receive? RTL addressed these questions to the student association, as well as the department for student loans.
The greatest challenge appears to be the financial situation. More and more students are struggling to get by with their loans, as part-time jobs are being lost during the crisis. Sven Bettendorf, president of the student association, explains:

"A quick response is paramount. Students are already feeling the consequences of the crisis, which is why we need to support them now and not in six months time."

Both the association and the department for student loans (CEDIES) are working together to find adequate solutions. Even though classes are cancelled or adapted at the moment, the government's financial support for students has not yet been altered. Mirko Mazzi, the person in charge of the department explained that many students would still need to pay rent, even if they had to return to Luxembourg for the time being.

The closing of borders has also increased uncertainty. As the national student association reports, many people have returned to the Grand-Duchy and do not know whether they can go back to studying once the new semester has started.

CEDIES assures students that even if they are unable to complete the required amount of credits per semester, nobody would lose their financial support at the moment.