A Luxair flight from Porto was forced to be diverted to Frankfurt-Hahn after three failed landing attempts at Luxembourg airport.

The Luxair 737-Boeing was scheduled to land at Findel airport at 10.30 pm on Sunday night, which was when the storm and violent winds picked up.

According to information obtained by RTL, panic spread through the plane when three attempts at landing were aborted due to the severe weather conditions. Many children were on board, and several people were reportedly crying, screaming, or throwing up.

The diverted plane safely landed at Frankfurt-Hahn airport around midnight.

Air traffic chaos in Luxembourg and abroad

As we reported in an earlier article, Luxair cancelled all its flights through to 10 am on Monday morning.

The stormy weather conditions also severely affected air traffic in other countries. Gatwick was the UK's worst affected airport with over 300 cancellations.

A video circulating on social media also shows the spine-chilling moment a diverted Wizz Air plane landed at Birmingham airport on Sunday. The plane rocked violently from side to side as it approached the runway.