The police have announced a new inspection campaign this week. Instead of regulating speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, police patrols will be on the lookout for bad parking habits.

Usually, municipal officers are tasked with checking people's parking is up to scratch, but the Luxembourgish authorities have decided to allocate the task to police officers in December. On Tuesday and Wednesday, police officers will focus on parking infractions.

The police justified the decision, highlighting that motorists often fail to properly respect rules on stopping and parking. The emphasis of the campaign will be to ensure safety and access for pedestrians and those with accessibility issues, such as people in wheelchairs or with prams. Additionally, the police will ensure that routes to schools aren't blocked, alongside spots reserved for disabled parking, delivery vehicles, and taxis.

As you may recall, we ran a two-part series pretty much exactly a year ago, in which we asked our readers to send in pictures of particularly outrageous parking jobs.. and you did not fail to spot and snap a few prize-worthy efforts.

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Ample examples of exactly what you should not be doing while the police are out and about doing their inspections - or indeed at any other time!