A smash hit every year, the document provides an overview of everything from Luxembourg's history and culture to its population, quality of life, economy and more - all in an easily digestible infographic format.

The timing could scarcely be better, given that we have just published another interesting stats summary showing how Luxembourg stands out compared to the rest of the EU!

You can download the full fact sheet right here - and once you have, see what you know about Luxembourg with our new quiz!

Government and Statec present this year's infographic

The Information and Press Service, in collaboration with the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (Statec), has just published the 10 fact sheets about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg brochure, which is a continuation of the series of published infographics by the Information and Press Service since 2015. The 2019 version has been updated in content and completely revised from a graphical point of view.10 fact sheets about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg aims to present and promote the country in a visual and playful manner. The brochure is divided into ten chapters: at a glance, history of the Grand Duchy, culture, population and languages, quality of life, politics and institutions, Luxembourg in the world, economy, import and export, innovation.

The brochure, which is aimed at the general public, exists in four language versions: French, German, English and Luxembourgish.