A recent study aiming to determine the best European countries to raise children in has listed Luxembourg in second position.

The independent consumer research company NimbleFins provides research on personal finance. In a recent study, NimbeFins gathered data from various reputable institutions, including the World Health Organisation (WHO), Eurostat, and the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) to determine which European countries are best for child rearing.

Examining data on general health, environmental and lifestyle factors (including obesity and exercise, healthy eating, and habits such as drinking, smoking, or using drugs) as well as education rates, the site compared 29 European countries. The research examined these factors with an emphasis on how they would affect children.

In the ranking for best European countries to raise a child in, Sweden came first, followed then by the Grand Duchy. Describing Luxembourg "shin[ing]as a great place for children to grow up healthy and safe", the ranking detailed that Luxembourg had top ten results in a number of categories, including sufficient exercise, good air quality, and happiness. NimbleFins accentuated that Luxembourg has the best measles vaccination rate, given that 99% of children have been vaccinated against the disease.


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The ranking also highlighted Luxembourg's education, pointing out that 34% complete higher education. As for drug usage, the study determined that the percentage of young people doing drugs is low, especially in MDMA and amphetamine use.

NimbleFins's summary of Luxembourg marked the country's healthy eating as not as high as it could be, claiming that only 38% of young people eat fruit every day. 46% eat vegetables every day.